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Georgia IRS Lawyer

If you’re looking for a Georgia IRS lawyer, chances are you’ve received a notice from the IRS about a tax issue, such as your failure to file your taxes properly, an audit notice, or a tax fraud accusation. If you’re facing any tax problem with the IRS, all you need to do is call the experts. Defense Tax Partners is here for you.

irs attorneyA top-notch company specializing in state and federal tax law, Defense Tax Partners provides top-of-the-line legal advice, representation, management, and all relevant services needed in handling IRS cases.

So if you are facing a tax problem, you are not alone. Around 14 million Americans are recorded to have tax problems annually. And as for your legal needs, your aggressive yet compassionate experts from Defense Tax Partners are ready to help you out. From managing your legal documents to representing you in court or with the IRS, we’ve got your back. With our extensive experience handling various client cases over the years, we know we have what it takes to resolve yours. With Defense Tax Partners’s Georgia IRS lawyers, your IRS issue is in good hands.

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Need Tax Help?

It is a general recommendation that you get an experienced lawyer to help you handle your tax issue with the IRS. With a Georgia IRS lawyer from Defense Tax Partners, you can be confident that we will help you avoid pitfalls and work toward resolving you tax issues in the most favorable way possible.

Let us help you find the best solutions if you ever find yourself in the following situations:

Non-Filing of Taxes

florida tax attorneyA failure-to-file penalty applies to taxpayers who were not able to process their tax returns properly on time. If you get charged with this violation, you will have to add a 5% to 25% extra penalty payment to your taxes. The IRS may estimate your tax for you, which can result in higher payments due because of missed deductions or tax credits.

Unpaid Taxes

If you have filed your tax returns but failed to pay your taxes on time, you will also face a failure-to-pay charge with the same 5% to 25% additional fees each month that you pay late as well as a possible interest charge.

Unsettled Tax Debts

In some cases, the IRS executes a federal tax lien order. This is a process wherein they will legally take your property in exchange for the tax value you failed to pay properly. The claims will end once you’ve settled your tax issues with the IRS.

Whatever tax situation you’re in, regardless of its complexity, difficulty, or gravity, our lawyers at Defense Tax Partners can handle it for you. We have been in the legal tax field for many years, so we’re confident that we can help you out.

How Our IRS Lawyers Can Assist You

Our firm employs only hardworking and efficient lawyers dedicated to bringing the highest quality of legal services to our clients.

Tax Attorneys

You can trust our resume consisting of a long list of previous clients with whom we have worked to successfully close IRS cases of all kinds. We have the full set of resources, manpower, knowledge, and training to provide the tax law services we promise. If you have an issue with the IRS or even need advice to avoid one, call Defense Tax Partners for top quality assistance.

If you need help in any of the following legal processes, our top-notch IRS lawyers are ready to step in:

1. Audit Representation
2. Wage Garnishment Removal
3. Tax Lien Removal
4. Tax Resolution
5. Penalty Abatement
6. Tax Preparation
7. Bank Levy Removal
8. Innocent Spouse
9. Offer in Compromise
10. Passport Reinstatement.

If you’re looking for efficient legal solutions for your issues with the Internal Revenue Service, look no further than Defense Tax Partners.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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If you’ve found yourself in need of an IRS lawyer, call now for a free consultation. You can talk to one of our top attorneys to outline your concerns and tell us all about your financial situation. We will take this chance to immediately begin finding and presenting the best solutions for your situation.

With our free consultation, you will gain confidence in our proven effective Georgia IRS lawyers. We are ready to fight for your interests and rights.

Call Defense Tax Partners today at (770) 746-8811 for your Free Consultation with a Georgia IRS Lawyer!